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History of the breed

In 1960 in the vicinity of an abandoned mine in Devonshire, England, was an unusual pet: a cat with an elegant wavy hair all over the body. Cat calmly walking accompanied by a charming cat. Which then happened to the cat – is unknown, but his companion was able to catch, and after a while she awarded her new mistress kittens, among which was the only kitten black with wavy hair. Kitten was named Curly. It was first registered Devon, which is close to their pedigrees are all Devon Rex cats.


Difficult to describe the beauty of this breed, except to say that Devon has a very peculiar type, consisting of a harmonious combination between traits: short compact muscular body with high legs combined with a rather large head, crowned with huge ears, head on a thin neck, combined with long tail and high paws .And  wavy hair gives a special charm, making Devonian completely charming. However there is one trait without which  Devon will not be Devon – an unusual and bright, expressive, and always exceptionally meaningful glance. One time you see before you eccentric nature, full of tricks and mischief, another time- unusually animated view of romance that makes Devon look like a fantastic creature, or just lazy look bored house cat.



Devon Rex is just like specially designed to be cute pets, perfectly adapted to life in modern flats.
They are very intelligent, affectionate, love the company of people, and if you tell them to do so, will always accompany you or as human collar on your shoulder, or getting tangled underfoot. However, due to their sensitivity they immediately recognize if you are tired of their company, and will not bother you again until they catch sight of your favorable. Probably Devon Rex love people, even unpleasant procedures such as grooming claws, Bath or execution during treatment they carry out some exaggerated nobility. It is hard to imagine that Devon will scratch or bite even in the most difficult situation for him. Devon is very clever, in the dog reacts to his nickname, can easily explore the team. Devon is very quick and bouncing. Jump on the cupboard or fridge for him is not difficult. But usually they behave correctly: do not shed, do not try to steal your stuff. Devon has a nice voice, they are not loud, even the cat during estrus usually expresses its state and poses a low voice. Most estrus are relatively rare, once in two or three months. Cats usually do not mark territory and behave safely. I must say that this behavior – a rare and pleasant exception in the world of cats. There are no accounting for tastes, so do not be surprised if your cat is a fan of tomatoes salt, honey or whatever is not peculiar to cats. What can you do in Devon often peculiar tastes! Devon generally peaceful. Sometimes two cats even unite their kittens. However there are exceptions, but in relation to the people they are always friendly.



Childbirth in cats is easy. In litter usually no more than 3-4 kittens. In kittens eyes opened very early – for 4-5 days, or even earlier – in 2-3 days.From one month old Devon has a distinctive look, reminiscent of a small fairy pixie. But the development of curly hair in Devon has the features. They are born with a little wavy hair, but with two months of age gradually aligned curls, hair begins to thin and at the age of three months kitten breed remotely resembles Rex. Adult coat appears anywhere from 6-7 months, but it is shaping up to a year. Only this time Devon gets a real finished look.

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