The risk for a kitten in the house

When young children reach the age of active movement at home, parents need to look at your home through the eyes of a child to prevent hazards and their possible consequences.
Maybe that little kitten in the house there is a danger no less. But in the case of an animal is very difficult to predict where it finds adventure on his head. But still, for kittens there is a list of the most dangerous places and objects.
So, irons, gas and electric cookers are the greatest potential danger to the kitten. Do not be afraid if the kitten at obpeche included iron leg, pobolyt and stop. Cats do not usually conduct their research paws and an interesting nose. The nose almost any animal is many times more sensitive to pain body than a man, as it is literally packed with various receptors. Seared nose in kittens (cats) can heal for a long time, bringing great animal suffering.
Included cooker can also easily cause severe burns of the nose, or burn kitten vybryssy. Vybryssy for cats even more important than the eye. Blind cat may well live there in a house without a cat vybryssamy can go crazy. Included Gas Cookers most dangerous for kittens (cats). Cats, unlike tigers and lions do not feel instinctive fear of fire. Open fire not only can cause burns the nose and burned vybryssamy, but also to large body surface burns. Even Shorthair can instantly turn into a torch. Animals in such an extreme situation is over rushing through the house and can cause real fire.
All household chemicals dangerous for the living organism, where it has a direct impact on him. Ensure that all tubes, bubbles and glasses were closed. If you use any chemical means, always watch out, do not go near the curious kitten.
Also do not forget about insecticides, which are often scattered around the house in order to combat insects. These funds often come across kittens on the tooth and into the lungs. These poisons in most cases lead to fatal consequences.
Unfortunately, dogs can not accurately determine whether poisonous or other substance, as do monkeys. Of course, certain smells repel them, but not all smells sharp and unpleasant. One of our rural cat ate the poisoned fish, which was scattered in several places inaccessible for people to reduce the rat population of …
Kittens, like children, all trying to meet their vital way things by heart. They often bite wiring and other wires that may be quite obvious negative consequences for their health.
Also, they can easily swallow small objects, such as needles and buttons, not to mention their great “love” to the threads and ropes.
Very dangerous items in the house once a year is the Christmas tree. It strongly attracted not only kittens balls and toys. They swallow needles, tinsel and, most dangerous, “rain”.
If the kitten at the tree left unattended, it will probably try to try “rain” taste, which in most cases leads to death. The best thing to do without “rain” to quietly celebrate the New Year.
If you do not live on the ground floor, it always inspect the closed window. Kitten can be instantly at the open window and for various reasons fall down. Adult cats survive after falling from great heights, but the kitten with his immature musculoskeletal system, may die.
Prevent kittens and an open window with a grid. Usually they climb on it actively and tear their claws. Fixing nets Action baleen climbers gradually weakens and kittens can fall.
When you move around the house, always gently opening and closing doors, not to crush them kitten.
Do not forget about house plants – most of them poisonous to cats.
Almost all of these dangers include not only the kittens, but adult cats and up to cats.